Nike Vintage Trainers - Saving for Retirement?

Nike at footasylum

Nike at footasylum Vintage trainers are big business and, according to a report in the Independent, vintage Adidas and Nike trainers are exchanging hands for thousands of pounds amongst retro trainer aficionados.

Adidas and Nike are both known for their excellent range of footwear; both contemporary and vintage. According to the report in the Independent, however, it is the vintage variety of Adidas and Nike that get people opening their wallets on auction websites. The market for vintage fashion is on the increase and retro Nike and Adidas trainers are proving to be one of the cornerstones of the industry; which is typified by trainers regularly be sold for thousands of pounds to eager retro footwear fans.

Nike Trainers - Sitting on a Goldmine

Many people may not realise that the pair of Nike running shoes that they bought 20 years ago and have since been consigned to the back of a wardrobe may now be worth a small fortune on the vintage Nike and Adidas trainers market. According to the report in the Independent, however, the condition of the retro Adidas and Nike trainers needs to be good and vintage footwear expert, Russell Williamson, states, “Generally, most collectable shoes will have been well looked after and not worn much. You would only buy a well-worn pair if they were particularly rare. Some second-hand shoes, such as the Nike Air Jordan I, are priced at £600, but a pristine-condition pair might be worth £1,500 or more.”

Nike Trainers - Scarcity Boosts Prices

Obviously, the rarer the pair of retro Adidas or Nike trainers, the more valuable they will become. The notion of a limited release pair of trainers is a relatively new phenomenon but Adidas and Nike have noted the popularity of their vintage trainers. Speaking to the Independent, retro shoe expert, Rob Flowers, states, “The phenomenon of limited releases is new but Adidas and Nike have seen that there are people out there who collect trainers and have started to re-issue classics and to create special editions.”

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