Show Your Personality with Nike Blazer Trainers

The incredible range of Nike Blazer trainers means that there’s a pair for everyone.

If you’ve never taken a look at the Nike Blazer trainers range, then go and do it now. It’s one of the widest selections of colour options that you’re ever likely to see, and it means that just about anyone will find a colour scheme that they love. Nike is known for being on the cutting edge of sports fashion, and this is certainly the case with this bold range of trainers.

Nike Blazer Trainers: Understated or Vibrant

The actual design of the shoe is relatively simple. There are a few different types, such as mids and lows, but the style remains the same. All of the footwear in the Nike Blazer trainers range has a white rubber sole, and then the classic Nike swoosh on the side. The rest of the shoe is plain and not patterned. The colours you can specify however mean that there are hundreds of different looks, to match any outfit or style. You could go for all white, or multi-coloured and bold. Whatever your style, there’s a combination for you.

Mix and Match the Colours on Your Nike Blazer Trainers

There’s just about any colour you can think of for the sole, upper, logo, laces and eyelets. From bright pink to dark green, they all make these some of the coolest shoes you can buy. Take a look at the range and choose your favourites, though that could take some time!

Some of the best colours available include:

  • Rave Pink
  • Challenge Red
  • Dragon Red
  • Iguana
  • Wolf Grey
  • Pine Green

There’s no doubt that a lot of people will buy several pairs of the Blazers in different colours, so that they’ve got a pair to match all of their favourite outfits. Go for bright contrast if you want to make a statement, or similar tones to go with vintage clothes.

Buy Nike Blazer Trainers from Footasylum

Footasylum, one of the UK’s best footwear retailers, has an incredible range of Nike Blazer Trainers. There are a massive number of colour options, meaning there’s always going to be something for you, whatever your style. You can also get any of these shoes delivered to a store near toy for free, and if you’re a student, you can get a 10% discount.