Nike Footwear – A Colossus of the 20th Century

Nike at footasylum

Nike at footasylum
When you think of sports and high street footwear of the 20th and 21st century, the mind is inevitably drawn to Nike and this is testament to the excellent designs and stylings of Nike trainers over the last 50 years and Nike really have maintained an impeccably high standard since their inception.

Nike trainers and footwear really have admirably bridged the gap between sportswear and fashion and due to the excellent design principles behind Nike footwear, the distinction between the two is narrowing all the time. Nike trainers, in the multitude of forms, are amongst the most comfortable and visually striking on the market and their market position really beyond compare. Few of today's leading footwear and sports brands could have had a beginning quite as humble as Nike's; which began from the boot of the creator, Phil Knight's, car. Since then Nike trainers really have gone from strength to strength since then and their reputation for providing trainers and footwear of the highest calibre is second to none.

Nike Trainers – Sport at the Heart of Nike Trainers

Whilst it is clearly apparent that Nike offer many different types of trainers and footwear that are designed to be worn on the high street in a fashion sense, the sporting origins of the company invariably underpins all their offerings and most Nike trainers released today will have comfort at their core and this is principally due to their sporting heritage. Nike trainers have been around since the 1960s and during that time they really have found their position as one of the world's leading footwear providers and the fact they have so much financial clout means that all their designs and creations are impressive to say the least. Nike trainers endeavour to combine comfort with originality and they seldom fail to deliver on this endeavour; a fact which is backed up by the sheer weight of numbers who have been bewitched by the footwear offerings for decades.

Nike – Effort the Key

Nike obviously didn't achieve their level of success overnight and it has taken years of providing high calibre sportswear and trainers to secure their position as a market leader. Regardless of your own particular fashion sense, there will definitely be a form of Nike trainers that ticks all the right boxes from either a fashion or sporting perspective.

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