Nike Invests in Ethical Image

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Nike at footasylum Everybody wants to save the world, and Nike is leading the way as the world’s biggest sports brand.

Sport can change lives. Buying a pair of Nike trainers and taking up running can be one of the best investments you make. For some, sports brands like Nike are about fashion first, but Nike is still the leading sports wear brand, kitting out the world’s football teams, basketball players and marathon runners. So it makes sense that Nike has embarked in recent years on a global challenge – improving its corporate image and embracing ethical marketing. Gone are the bad press stories of sweat shops, and in their place are positive PR stories on greener manufacturing processes (such as the World Cup kits made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles) to the Lace up, Save Lives campaign.

Nike: Lace Up. Save Lives

The Lace Up Save Lives campaign is a partnership with Nike and RED – the special Nike RED laces are being sold with profits going to The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. The Fund provides medicine and treatment to those living with HIV. And Nike’s partnership is symbiotic as it also creates football-based community initiatives to deliver education around HIV and AIDS prevention.
Three European football leagues – England, Spain and Italy – used NIKE RED balls at home games to help promote the cause. The special Nike ball is the same make used by all of the three leagues with all of the technological innovations the Nike ball offers, but features a RED laces graphic to help promote the cause.
Nike has said that the huge global appeal of the Premier League offers the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of the partnership between Nike and RED. The idea of kicking a red ball or wearing red laces is a simple but effective way to raise money for the charity.

Global Causes – Sport Relief

Raising fund to battle AIDS in Africa is a hard thing to do with many people in the West struggling with compassion fatigue but by tapping into the passion of football, Nike maybe onto a winning tactic. The chief executive of RED, Seb Bishop, said in a press release: “(RED) works with the most iconic companies in the world, Nike among them. We are incredibly thankful for their partnership and for the support of three of the world’s premier football leagues which will have a powerful impact on our efforts.”
Nike is investing in a reputation of elevating global causes through sport.

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