Nike – Part Of Your Life?

Nike at footasylum

Nike at footasylum
Nike and its unmistakeable logo are part of every day life – but is the brand part of your life?

Nike has been one of the most innovative companies of the last two or three decades. With its clear brand values, dedication to excellence and ability to create real trends, it has become a by-word for performance and quality. You have certain expectations when you buy Nike footwear, clothing or equipment, and those expectations are usually met and even surpassed. Nike has achieved this through a blend of focused corporate strategy, top-quality research and development and great marketing – all designed to make Nike a part of your life.

Nike Promotions

In an interview with earlier in 2009, Nike’s UK Marketing Director, Simon Pestridge said that the company no longer needed to advertise in order to raise awareness – and he’s right. Everyone recognises the Nike swoosh, even if they’ve never bought products from the company before. Nike simply doesn’t need to make people aware of its products; it simply needs to ensure that they retain their brand loyalty, and that people who haven’t bought Nike before are tempted to do so. For that reason, Nike is concentrating on becoming an accepted part of your life without you really noticing.

Nike In Your Life

Whether you wear Nike trainers as a fashion statement or you’re a serious runner and you know that the innovations the company has developed over the years are best for your needs; whether you wear the Nike logo because it sponsors your favourite team or because it’s cool clothing to wear, you have Nike in your life. The company is keen to be where it’s customers are, supporting their ambitions and helping them to achieve their goals. That’s why you can have Nike in your life regardless of your talent or your choice of sport – the company offers something for everyone. Creative both in the lab where new footwear and clothing is developed for sportsmen and women at the highest level, and creative in the marketing department, where YouTube videos, digital broadcasts and viral campaigns have all been successful for the company, Nike continues to look for the best possible ways to connect with its customers and offer them the very best in sportswear and equipment.

Nike Products at FootAsylum

We’re big fans of Nike at FootAsylum and we sell a range of clothing and footwear featuring the distinctive logo. The Nike range is enormous, so take the time to decide exactly what you’re looking for – high performance footwear, for example – and then look at our online collection. You can buy securely online.