Nike 1948

Nike at footasylum

Nike at footasylum
Nike takes its brand to the community with its 1948 store in Shoreditch.

Nike has never been shy of interacting with the public, and the design, layout and atmosphere of its stores around the world is testament to the fact that the company likes its customer interactions to be real experiences. Nowhere is this more true than its store-come-community-space at 1948 in Shoreditch. Originally a derelict railway arch, the space was opened in 2008 and continues to attract attention from Nike fans.

What is Nike 1948?

Nike is dedicated to closing the gap between sportswear and other fashion and creative brands. From experience it knows that there’s a lot of creativity in designing and building exceptional performance sportswear, and as a huge fashion label, it relies on design, look and feel to win fans. 1948 is a shop, gallery and socialising space that reflects Nike's attitude towards creativity – it’s a huge part of what they do. Shoreditch is the centre of creativity in the UK capital, so it makes perfect sense for Nike to open this incredible space there. 1948 includes:

  • Sportswear – you can buy from the entire sportswear collection at 1948, where it’s also displayed incredibly creatively, letting you see the garments and footwear close-up and without the usual scrabbling around clothes rails. You don’t have to buy clothes to hang out at 1948, but you can get a great look at Nike's new collections so that you can build a wish-list.
  • Gallery – the space at 1948 is perfect for a gallery, and although you’re unlikely to find traditional art here, there’s creativity in every step. Take the floor, for example, which is rubber, created with the help of recycled trainer soles. Nike estimates that over 15,000 old trainers were used to create the material.
  • Social space – this is a place where you can meet your friends, hang out for the morning and maybe come away with a souvenir or two. Regular events and installations means there’s always something to do or see, all based around the creativity of the Nike brand.

Nike at FootAsylum

If you don’t fancy buying when you visit 1948, or you see something you want and you’d like to see if you can get it at a better online price, why not take a look at our collection of Nike footwear and clothing. Nike is one of our most popular brands, and we love its innovation and creativity. You can order online through our secure payment system for delivery to your door or, if you live near to one of our retail stores, why not visit us there?