Nike – The Music Lover’s Brand

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Nike at footasylum Music can help boost your performance, which is why two of the biggest brands have made such a successful partnership – Nike and iPod.

If you love music and you love running, Nike and iPod are probably two of your favourite brands. Running with music has been scientifically proven to maximise your performance. Nike and Apple are two of the biggest names in their industries and became joined at the hip with the Nike and iPod partnership. So why is running and music so right?

Move to the Rhythm

The Nike and iPod sports kit measures and records your running. And as more people take up running in the New Year, they’re realising that inspiration or motivation is just as crucial as the right pair of Nike trainers or running gear. Certain tunes are guaranteed to help you break a sweat when you’re pounding the pavements. Several research studies have investigated the connection between exercise and music. One of the leading researchers in the field is sports psychologist Costas Karageorghis at Brunel University, who has helped create a half marathon in London in honour of music to run with – Run to the Beat.

Nike Gets You Moving

Costas Karageorghis has even come up with a selection of songs that have been scientifically chosen to help enhance running. If you love your iPod as much as your Nike trainers, it’s worth checking out Karageorghis’s tunes. He believes there are four factors that help motivate runners – musicality, cultural impact and association and rhythm response. The structure of the music and how we interpret the music impacts our inspiration. The rhythm response is tied into our heartbeats; syncing beats per minute with an exercise pace therefore boosts your efficiency. One study showed that those who cycled to music required sever percent less oxygen to achieve the same work out when listening to music. Music also blocks any negative voices in your head that tell you to give up, helping you push yourself that little bit further.
Another study into music and exercise showed that motivational synchronised music led to a 15% improvement in endurance.
So if you’re thinking about taking up running, or you want to boost your current performance levels, you’ll need to think about investing in a good iPod or MP3 as well as a pair of Nike trainers.

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