Nike Trainers - Fashion, Age and Suits

Nike at footasylum
Nike at footasylum
When it comes to wearing trainers, it can feel like a fashion minefield – opting for big brands like Nike or Adidas is always a sure-fire hit.

DJ and ‘It-boy’ Mark Ronson has recently launched his own limited edition sneakers after teaming up with Gucci. As you imagine, his trainers are exclusive and hard to get hold of, and each pair is accompanied with a vinyl album of tracks compiled by Ronson himself. The launch epitomises our obsession with trainers and fashion. Ever since wearing trainers became hip, wearing the right brand of trainers became even more of a priority. Big brands like Nike and Adidas have always ruled the playground. And as Mark Ronson said behind his reasoning on teaming up with Gucci to launch his own trainers: "If you didn't wear cool sneakers you got teased by the other kids. My mum would choose the cheapo brand, and I'd be ridiculed."

Nike Trainers – No Compromise

Ronson admitted to being an avid collector of big brand trainers. And trainers from giants like Nike and Adidas have spawned obsessions with many a celeb. Even though the majority of collectors tend to be men, women lined up to see Ronson’s new trainers, including the likes of Claire Danes and Mischa Barton. If women don’t always wear Nike or Adidas trainers for fashion, they do wear them for sports.

Nike - Not for the Office

If you wear Nike trainers outside the sports pitch, gym or football field however, you need to give them a little thought. Certain men look effortlessly cool in a pair of sneakers, especially those under 30, or creative types such as musicians, artists and actors. But over the age of 30, Nike trainers – or any brand of trainers – begin to look a bit suspect with a suit. Andrew Roberts highlighted the issue in GQ magazine. He wrote: "It's scary how quickly one becomes old. … It's a sad moment when you realise you can look ridiculous in clothes you once thought were fine to wear in public." His list of fashion no-no’s for men over 30 also included wearing a slogan t-shirt or any t-shirt with a bold design. No self aware man should apparently wear Nike trainers and the best suit Savile Row has to offer. He observed: "It's scary how many creatives wear a pair of Adidas with a suit. The strange thing is it appears to be guys the wrong side of 30 doing it. They should know better. And they're not just wearing practical footwear for the tube on their way to and from work."

Hip to be Square?

Trying to be cool to defy ageing can look sad, not fashionable. If you’re thinking about investing in a pair of Nike or Adidas trainers, try and avoid wearing them to work with a suit if you’re the wrong side of 40, and keep your Nike trainers for the gym.

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