Nike – Bridging the Gap between Sport and Fashion

Nike at footasylum
Nike at footasylum

It goes without saying that there is a very thin line between sportswear and fashion clothing but it is a line that Nike treads expertly due to their attention to detail and knowing what it is that Nike footwear and clothing fans are looking for from their line-ups.
Obviously, there are two very distinct varieties of Nike clothing and there are those who wear Nike for sports purposes and those who prefer to see Nike as a fashion brand to be worn on the high street but Nike cater to them equally well due to their impeccable attention to detail and dedication to trying new things with both the Nike sportswear range and the clothing which is more suited to the high street. According to a report in the Independent, Nike are becoming increasingly amenable to their brand being seen as a fashion label after initial reluctance to move away from the sports image that is at the core of all Nike produce. By successfully embracing both fashion and sporting types, Nike have exponentially increased their capacity to give their brand the mass appeal that has seen it establish itself as one of the leading sportswear providers in the world.
Nike Footwear – Fashion Feeling
According to the report in the Independent, there is a certain reluctance to be associated with the word 'fashion' in Nike circles but it has been something that has been impossible to avoid due to the sheer popularity of the Nike brand on the high street. Speaking to the Independent, Kris Aman of Nike, states, “We do know that not everyone who wears Nike is an athlete or wearing it for sport and that's why this new collection is more style-led – it's sport remixed for the street, casual-wear seen through a sports lens. The word 'fashion' can make something seem very transient and trendy. We're a company that focuses on innovation – but innovation also allows for an expression of style.” This just goes to show how seriously Nike take all aspects of their brand and this conscientious approach to their clothing will see 2009 be another big year from Nike.
Nike Clothing – Taking a Stand
Nike is perfectly positioned to provide ranges that appeal to both the Nike sportswear fans and those who want to wear Nike clothing on the high street but Nike themselves have gone on record to state that their sportswear range will remain their primary focus. Speaking to the Independent, Nike Creative Director, Richard Clarke, states, “We're still staying focused on what the athlete needs. You just have to focus on being authentic and keeping it simple, and if other people decide they also need it... well, how someone re-appropriates athletic gear to suit their life is down to freedom of choice. Fashion may sell on status or colour or print, but people also identify with functionality and authenticity. And that's what we sell.”
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