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Nike at footasylum Nike’s most popular products, and its new offerings, are all based on improvements in technology.

Nike hasn’t become the biggest sports company in the world because it’s been sitting around producing the same old gear year after year. It’s grown because it’s constantly investing in research and development to see how to make its products and their users perform better each time. From the advanced technology used to support the sports superstars that are associated with Nike, to the technology used in the running shoes you can buy online, technology and Nike go together hand-in-hand.

About Nike Technology

There have been so many advances in sports technology devised by Nike that it can’t be covered in a single article. There are a couple, however, that stand out from the crowd:

Nike Air – when you’re running, you’re automatically creating stress on your joints. Each time your foot meets the tarmac, you send shudders through your bones and muscles. Nike understands sport and wanted to provide professional and amateur athletes with better cushioning when they were running. Finding a way to produce the right cushioning that allowed the trainers to remain supportive and comfortable between steps was a major problem. Nike Air technology uses “supergases” encased in urethane plastic to provide the cushioning. The make-up of the gas and the strength of the plastic as well as their placement within the shoe, gives great cushioning without losing performance. This was the first major piece of shoe technology to come out of Nike and it has influenced every other running shoe since. It’s hard to believe that Nike Air is over 20 years old, but it stands the test of time and you can only get the original technology when you buy Nike.

Nike Flywire – unlike the Nike Air technology, Flywire is new, but it’s equally groundbreaking. Instead of looking at cushioning, Flywire is all about the comfort of the whole shoe. Nike wanted to give sportsmen and women exactly the right support for their feet, but without the heaviness that often comes with a denser, fabric-filled shoe. Flywire is the result of many years of research and trials, and is effectively a shoe made of thousands of stitches, rather than pieces of fabric. Kevlar and Lycra are used together in a system that effectively embroiders the shoe, giving extreme flexibility and support whilst being incredibly light to wear. Nike believes that the “second-skin” fit of Flywire shoes could give athletes a real distance and time advantage over those who are using traditional shoes.

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