The Origins Of Nike Footwear

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Nike at footasylum Nike is the world’s biggest sportswear manufacturer, and also does a nifty line in streetwear and accessories. But where did Nike’s ascent to global domination start?

If you follow Nike’s roots down to their very tip, they’ll lead you all the way back to the University of Oregon campus in 1964, and more precisely to the boot of Philip Knight’s car. Although only selling imported Japanese sports footwear at the time, budding track athlete Knight’s car park enterprise – then going under the moniker of Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS) -would soon grow into a sportswear manufacturing operation that would take the world by the storm and establish itself as the leading global sports brand within a decade.

Branding the footwear

Nike’s iconic swoosh hails from equally humble beginnings. The brief fell to Caroline Davidson, a student at Portland State University, who met Knight when he was teaching accounting classes at the university. Davidson was employed by Knight as a freelance graphic designer, and she took her inspiration for the fledgling company’s logo from the title of the firm’s first production models, which were named after the Greek Goddess of Victory – Nike. Davidson later cited the design as being a reference to the wing of the goddess. The brand was born, and the new range of sports footwear went on sale bearing what would become one of the most enduring and instantly recognisable trademarks of the modern age. Although only receiving $35 for her work at the time, ten years later Davidson would receive a diamond Nike Swoosh ring from Knight as a token of his gratitude, together with an envelope stuffed with shares in the by then global company.

Global domination

The brand boomed throughout the 80s and 90s, thanks in no small part to the company’s sponsorship of leading sportsmen and women, such as basketball giant Michael Jordan, Carl Lewis, and more recently Serena Williams and Tiger Woods. The company also secured sports team kit manufacturing rights for the likes of Manchester Utd, Barcelona, and Inter Milan amongst others, and recently strengthened its position in the market with the acquisition of major rival Umbro sports.

Into the modern age

Today, Nike produces a huge range of sports goods, ranging from footwear, through golf equipment and trackwear, to cricket and lacrosse clothing and accessories. In recent years, the range of streetwear the company produces has ballooned, and now includes skatewear and watches. The brand has also cashed in on a close affiliation with popular culture movements, perhaps most notably hip hop and rap.

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