Nike Trainers – Walking on Air

Nike at footasylum
Nike at footasylum

Nike are well known for the dedication to technology and innovation when it comes to their trainers and footwear and, according to a report on, Nike recently released trainers that they claim to be their lightest trainer yet, the Nike Lunar Apollo.
Nike will always be famous for their swoop logo emblazoned across their trainers and there really are few more recognisable brands on earth. Nike stay ahead of their competitors when it comes to footwear and trainers by dedicating a lot of time to making new and innovative forms of footwear that not only look great on the high street but which can also reap massive benefits to those who use their Nike trainers for running and jogging. One form of Nike trainer that was released in 2008 that wowed the footwear aficionados was that of the Nike Lunar Apollo which weighs a miniscule 250g but still put in a heavyweight performance when it comes to jogging by dispersing weight equally when the foot impacts with the floor. Nike trainers are, of course, predominantly split in two groups, namely those worn for sporting pursuits and those which are worn for fashion but the two are by no means mutually exclusive. Nike footwear and clothing is so well conceived that it looks great in all manner of scenarios.
Nike – First Class Performers in the World of Fashion
Fashion isn’t Nike’s stock and trade but they have taken to the high street with aplomb and many forms of Nike clothing and footwear are now viewed as must have fashion items. Some Nike trainers are so sought after that the clamour to get hands on them are hectic to say the least and this is particularly the case with limited edition Nike footwear which is released each year. Nike obviously have some of the world’s top designers when it comes to their clothing and footwear as they seldom fail to surprise when it comes to their new releases and this is something that looks all set to continue into 2009. Big things are expected of the Nike footwear and clothing collection over the next 12 months and Nike very rarely disappoint their ardent fans.
Nike Footwear – A Good Fit
Everybody wants choice when it comes to their footwear and few fashion labels cater to this need as well as Nike who really do have an unparalleled selection when it comes to trainers and footwear. Nike is obviously one of the world’s biggest companies and Nike clothing and footwear clearly benefits by having so many design powerhouses behind their clothing and, in turn, so do the fans of Nike trainers, sportswear and clothing.
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