Nike Theft – No Leg to Stand on

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Nike at footasylum Nike trainers come in pairs, but one man stole a single trainer after nobody would sell him just the one shoe.

It’s a crime that featured in the nationals for its quirkiness. But the story about the one legged thief unveils a level of discrimination when it comes to buying shoes. Phil Moore wasn’t hard to catch after he attempted to steal a single Nike trainer – he was caught after trying to escape on crutches.

Phil Moore had his leg amputated after suffering septicaemia seven years ago. He said he was tired of having to buy shoes and throwing one away but nobody would sell him just one. Mr Moore explained the anger of being ripped off had built up over the years, leading him to break the law and steal one Nike trainer from the display stand of his local sports store.

Single Nike Trainer

Shopping with a disability can be a frustrating experience. But after stealing the Nike trainer, he was quickly arrested by police in Barnsley who were alerted by staff at the sports store who witnessed Mr Moore taking the Nike shoe. The police followed their suspect for a mile before arresting him as he boarded a bus, finding the single Nike shoe in his bag.
Talking to the press the jobless engineer and father of two explained his frustrations. He was quoted in the Daily Mail as saying: “I know I shouldn't have done it - but people like me are being ripped off all the time by the shoe companies and all the big retailers.”

No Laughing Matter

Phil Moore was fined for the theft and had to pay court costs. He said he had written to Nike and Adidas about the problem. But the idea of selling just single trainers is clearly not a commercially viable one. Being disabled and feeling discriminated against however didn’t stop Mr Moore from having to pay a fine for breaking the law.

He admitted: "I shouldn't have stolen the shoe. I realise that now. But I only did it because it seemed so unfair having to fork out £52.99 for a pair when I only wanted one."

Mr Moore has clearly had a difficult time since losing his leg, unable to work since the amputation. Most amputees do wear two shoes after adopting an artificial limb, but Mr Moore was unable to do this due to developing septic arthritis in his hip after the operation. But the sad story behind his predicament didn’t sway police, Mr Moore was still charged with theft. The crime has triggered a wave of bad puns in newspaper headlines and jokes such as the Yorkshire Post’s: Shoe thief who didn’t have a leg to stand on. Mr Moore said that his friends had poked fun at him after the story broke; he added he didn’t mind people having a giggle but made his point that amputees should get a better deal from big shoe makers like Nike or retailers.

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