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Nike at footasylum

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Amazing Advancements in Men’s Shoe Technology

The design and technology of men’s shoes is an ever changing playing field.

Mens Nike Blazers Fashion 2013

On Trend Fashion Themes for Men in 2013

Show Your Personality with Nike Blazer Trainers

The incredible range of Nike Blazer trainers means that there’s a pair for everyone.

The Inspiration Behind Nike Hyperfuse Trainers

From the streets of China comes Nike’s toughest new range.

Don’t Just Do It; Do It in Nike Footwear

Nike footwear ticks all the boxes, whether you want shoes for sports or fashion.

Rock in Retro with Nike Elite Vintage Trainers

You can rock in retro style with Nike Elite Vintage trainers that offer a modern twist on the iconic Nike running shoe from 1976.

Nike Footwear-Just One Way to Kick Start your New Year Fitness Regime in 2012

If your New Year’s Resolution is to lose a few of those pounds that you have put on over Christmas, the latest Nike footwear designs are guaranteed to inspire.

Nike – The Best Sellers

Nike trainers are staple shoes in many fashion circles as well as being essential sports footwear for many athletes, and here we reveal some of the best sellers...

Strike it Right with Stylish Nike Footwear

You can strike it right with stylish Nike footwear that is design to look good, feel great and perform fantastically under pressure; for statement style on the street on the court.

Nike Footwear-Go The Distance

Whether you are an experienced runner or have just signed up for your first ever running event, Nike has a wide range of products to suit your running style.

Nike Running – Better, Faster, Stronger

Nike has long been a leading name in sport and fashion, with many outdoor runners citing the brand’s products as their chosen running shoe.

Nike Re-Vamps in Style

Nike’s Flagship Store Gets a Make-over

Nike Trainers – Finding the Right Pair of Nikes for you

There are so many considerations to take into account when Nike trainers and finding the perfect pair for you will be dependent on a number of different factors. Nike is undoubtedly one of the most popular footwear brands on the market.

Nike Reveals World Cup Strips

The 2010 Football World Cup is a major event not just for the teams involved, but for major sponsors like Nike.

Nike Creates Powerful Woods Advertisement

Tiger Woods hasn’t had the best few months, but a new Nike ad could help to get him back on track.

Nike Theft - No Leg to Stand on

Nike trainers come in pairs, but one man stole a single trainer after nobody would sell him just the one shoe.

Nike Invests in Ethical Image

Everybody wants to save the world, and Nike is leading the way as the world’s biggest sports brand.

Nike Goes Green for the World Cup

Nike have kitted out Brazil’s World Cup football team in shirts made from recycled plastic bottles.

Nike Represented at Winter Olympics

Nike, one of the best-known brand names in sport, has a number of athletes competing at the Winter Olympics

Nike Raises AIDS Awareness

Nike uses sales of red laces to raise money for AIDS charities.

Nike – The Music Lover’s Brand

Music can help boost your performance, which is why two of the biggest brands have made such a successful partnership – Nike and iPod.

Nike Chief Executive Speaks Out

Mark Parker, the chief executive of Nike has spoken to the Sunday Times about the future of the Nike brand.

Bono Runs into the Headlines with Nike

Bono has teamed up with Nike for a charity launch, but not without some controversy.

Nike Brand Stands by Tiger Woods

Nike has given the controversial golf star its unequivocal backing.

Nike Sees Profits Rise

After a difficult trading period, where many leading brands have seen profits fall, it’s good to see Nike posting a rise.

Nike and Dizzee Rascal Collaborate

Always looking for a new venture, Nike has collaborated with Dizzee Rascal to create a trainer to go with the star’s new album.

Nike - The Jordan Legacy

Michael Jordan has been credited for boosting the Nike brand into the big time.

Nike Trainers - Fashion, Age and Suits

When it comes to wearing trainers, it can feel like a fashion minefield – opting for big brands like Nike or Adidas is always a sure-fire hit.

Nike Joins Olympic Team

Nike Canada has signed a sponsorship deal for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Nike – Part Of Your Life?

Nike and its unmistakeable logo are part of every day life – but is the brand part of your life?

Nike Scores on the Basketball Court

Nike is the biggest brand in the world of sports, and it has just scored a slam dunk in the world of basketball.

Nike Stands up to Illegal Leather

Nike has joined other global brands for a moratorium on illegal Amazon leather.

Nike 1948

Nike takes its brand to the community with its 1948 store in Shoreditch.

Nike Technology

Nike’s most popular products, and its new offerings, are all based on improvements in technology.

Nike – Fashion Aficionado Ferdinand Lends Name to Nike Trainers

Nike trainers have been endorsed by numerous sporting and film celebrities on both sides of the Atlantic and Manchester United footballer, and renowned fashion fan, Rio Ferdinand, has become the latest sporting hero to endorse a new form of Nike trainers.

The Origins Of Nike Footwear

Nike is the world’s biggest sportswear manufacturer, and also does a nifty line in streetwear and accessories. But where did Nike’s ascent to global domination start?

Nike Footwear Fans Run for Miles

Nike can inspire dedicated followers - and some fashion fans will go to extreme lengths.

Nike Footwear – A Colossus of the 20th Century

When you think of sports and high street footwear of the 20th and 21st century, the mind is inevitably drawn to Nike and this is testament to the excellent designs and stylings of Nike trainers over the last 50 years and Nike really have maintained an impeccably high standard since their inception.

Internet Opens New Doors for Buying Nike Trainers

There are obviously many great makers of trainers from Adidas to Fred Perry but it is Nike trainers that many footwear fans have the most affinity for. The internet has significantly increased the scope of options when it comes to buying Nike trainers.

Nike – The Life of Bill Bowerman

Bill Bowerman was the co-founder of Nike, helping to launch a revolution in sport shoes as The New York Times obituary remembers.

Nike – Putting the Sole into Sport

Nike has tapped into the Zeitgeist by incorporating recycling as a major part of its business, putting a little soul into its soles.

Nike – University Student Wins Chance to Star in Nike Advertising Campaign

Nike have unquestionably had some of the biggest names in sport appearing in the advertising campaigns ranging from Cristiano Ronaldo to Serena Williams but now a student from Loughborough University has been given the chance to star in a Nike advertising campaign.

Nike – Bridging the Gap between Sport and Fashion

It goes without saying that there is a very thin line between sportswear and fashion clothing but it is a line that Nike treads expertly due to their attention to detail and knowing what it is that Nike footwear and clothing fans are looking for from their line-ups.

Nike Trainers – Walking on Air

Nike are well known for the dedication to technology and innovation when it comes to their trainers and footwear and, according to a report on, Nike recently released trainers that they claim to be their lightest trainer yet, the Nike Lunar Apollo.

Nike Shoes and Apparel, Stylish Enough for Office Wear

While a huge segment of the market for Nike footwear and apparel is buyers looking for Nike Dunks and Nike SBs, there remains an equal market for quality Nike shoes and clothing sold to people over thirty.

Nike - Sneakers for Superstars

Nike has based its marketing strategy on hiring the biggest sporting superstars to promote its products. Nike is undoubtedly one of the world’s largest – and most recognisable -brands. Its swoosh logo is known around the globe, appearing on millions of pairs and trainers and clothing items. One of the ways it has achieved this is by hiring massive celebrities to promote its products. Here’s how they’ve done it.

Nike trainers - Music to your Ears

Nike trainers are obviously an extremely popular choice amongst joggers who enjoy regular runs. Jogging is much more musical now, however, as the popularity of combining Nike trainers with iPods is really taking off.

Nike trainers - Nike Cater to the Skateboarding Crowd

Nike are well known for being synonymous with some of the biggest sports on the planet such as football and basketball but Nike don’t neglect followers of other more niche activities and Nike offer a superb range of trainers aimed at skateboarders.

Nike trainers - Pinnacle Performers

Nike trainers, with their trademark swoosh, have long been regarded as one of the world’s very best running shoes and this is something that Nike is keen to maintain which can be witnessed by the dedication to improving Nike trainers all the time.

Nike Vintage Trainers - Saving for Retirement

Vintage trainers are big business and, according to a report in the Independent, vintage Adidas and Nike trainers are exchanging hands for thousands of pounds amongst retro trainer aficionados.

Nike - The Birth of a Superbrand

Nike are, of course, one of the biggest brands on the planet, with multiple million pound sponsorship deals, great range of sporting apparel and footwear that is on the cutting edge of design and technology.

Nike - Sprinter Sensation Dix Becomes Nike’s New Shining Star

Nike are well known for wanting to get the world’s best athletes to endorse their clothing and Nike trainers and, according to a report in Santa Barbara News, sprinter Walter Dix is the new face of Nike athletics.

Nike Footwear - Nike Unveils Native America Shoe

Nike are well known for their attention to detail and designing footwear for all sorts of demographics. The latest piece of Nike footwear to hit the market is a shoe specifically designed with Native Americans in mind.

Nike Goes Back to the Future

When it comes to seminal footwear in films, few can compete with the Nike trainers worn by Marty McFly in the film ‘Back to the Future II’. The effortlessly cool Nike trainers have now been granted a limited release in USA.

Nike Trainers - Footwear Fans Get Snapping

According to a report in the Guardian, Nike have come up with an innovative way to create buzz around Nike trainers. Essentially, Nike are allowing people to make their own Nike trainers from photos they have taken.

Nike Trainers - Picking the Right Running Shoe

Nike trainers are amongst the most popular when it comes to running shoes and it is little wonder given the amount of time that Nike dedicate to ensuring the effectiveness of their Nike trainers and sportswear.