Nike Footwear Fans Run for Miles

Adidas at footasylum
Adidas at footasylum
Nike can inspire dedicated followers – and some fashion fans will go to extreme lengths.

Nike is a brand that has conquered the world. Nike is a brand loved by athletes and fashion lovers alike, thanks to its ability to combine high tech performance with street style. The Nike brand is built by those that wear it – and Nike has embraced its street-wise audience that leads rather than follows trends. Nike has always had a strong association with the music scene and now the Nike brand is behind some of the hottest music releases. From Nike came the exclusive release from De La Soul, one of America's most influential hip hop artists. It makes sense that Nike has a musical link – the De La Soul track is part of a continuing series of releases through the Nike and Sport Music website – dedicated to music for sports – De La Soul's album was written with runners in mind. Posdnuos of De La Soul explained in a press release: “When we first heard about this project we were psyched on the challenge. We pride ourselves on being able to get bodies moving, so it was cool to do it with a specific goal in mind - giving runners the sonic fuel to clock some miles.”

Limited Edition Nike

And the Nike brand certainly seems to get fashion fans running for their wallets. In Ottawa the Nike Air Yeezy became 'the most talked about shoe since Nike's Air Jordans were released in the '80s.' The local paper reported on how three Nike lovers from Toronto drove to an Ottawa store, and slept outside the shop in order to be the first in the queue to buy the Nike Air Yeezy shoes. The Nike limited edition trainers were designed in party by rap star Kanye West and retailed at a staggering $500. The exclusive Nike shoe comes in black and pink with an air unit and patent leather strap, the trainers also glow in the dark. The rap star combined a range of influences from the basketball court to high end fashion. But if you want to get your hands on a pair of the exclusive Nike shoes – you'll be hard pushed – only a thousand pairs were released worldwide. Limited edition Nike trainers are often bought as collector items rather than worn on the street.

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