Nike Creates Powerful Woods Advertisement

Nike at footasylum

Nike at footasylum Tiger Woods hasn’t had the best few months, but a new Nike ad could help to get him back on track.

Tiger Woods has seen his personal and professional reputation damaged by a series of allegations and admissions over the past few months and at one point it seemed as thought his entire career was in jeopardy. But after treatment, public confessions and apologies, Woods has made his return to the sport he loves, and a new advert with Nike.

Nike – From Beyond the Grave

The advert created by Nike’s creative team for Woods is powerful and clever. Powerful because it’s shot in black and white and features a silent Woods with the voice track of his father – who died in 2006 – over the top of the image. Clever, because it doesn’t require Woods to speak, endorse or explain. As one of his most important influences, Woods’ father, Earl, is a timely reminder of the sacrifices the golfer has made to get to the top of his profession and the dedication and commitment he’ll need to make to return. It’s a great advert for Nike too; a clear indication that the company still supports outstanding sports performances and that we all need to learn lessons from the mistakes we make and have the strength of character to focus on our goals – however large or small they may be.

Is Nike Taking a Risk?

It’s understandable that many people feel that Nike is taking a risk by continuing to use Woods to promote their brand after such a traumatic and sensational period, and although the advert has been welcomed by most and praised by many, Nike will be hoping that it pays off in the long run. Realistically, the one thing that will help Nike through its association with the golfer is if he returns to winning form and can show that his edge as a sportsman is still there.

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