Nike – Putting the Sole into Sport

Nike at footasylum
Nike at footasylum

Nike has tapped into the Zeitgeist by incorporating recycling as a major part of its business, putting a little soul into its soles.
Nike is the biggest selling brand of trainers in the world. And as such, it has taken the lead and put a bit of soul into its soles. In line with the shift to ethical consumerism, Nike introduced a recycling scheme that ties into its sporting image.
The Nike Reuse-A-Shoe campaign is simple – consumers bring their Nike trainers and sport shoes to a designated drop-off location for shoe recycling. Although the scheme is a Nike initiative, any kind of brand of trainers can be recycled, as long as they are trainers (running shoes, sport shoes).
Reuse a Nike Shoe
Nike is using ethical marketing with the Reuse-A-Shoe scheme that has taken off in America, with recycling locations across Europe and Australia too. And Nike is encouraging local communities to take the initiative and host their own drive for collecting unwanted or used Nike trainers and other brands of athletic shoes for recycling. The Nike scheme taps into a general move in the Western world to recycling as more consumers become environmentally-aware. As the Nike campaign states, the world's global carbon footprint needs to be reduced – and with their recycling scheme they hope to do that 'one step at a time'.
Nike: Environmentally Sustainable
The Nike Reuse-A-Shoe campaign began back in 1990 and it proves how even the smallest of steps can make a big difference. Nike say they have collected more than 21 million pairs of trainers. It's indicative of how huge the market is for designer trainers and footwear such as Nike – that figure equates to a chain of trainers long enough to wrap around the world four times over. The Nike initiative trailed a way for other big brands to incorporate more ethically and environmentally friendly production methods into their manufacturing process. The message Nike is giving reflects the ethos of their consumers – that they want to be a part of a better world. The recycling scheme is ensuring old trainers are living on in new ways – the recycled rubber is being used on tracks, sport courts and playgrounds. And Nike eventually plan for all their shoes to be made from recycled materials in order to create the ultimate environmentally-sustainable product.
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