Nike Scores on the Basketball Court

Nike at footasylum

Nike at footasylum
Nike is the biggest brand in the world of sports, and it has just scored a slam dunk in the world of basketball.

When it comes to sports brands and labels, it's all about endorsement. If the biggest names in the world of sports wear Nike then half the battle is won. And the news that Dwayne Wade has dumped his Converse trainers for Nike caused ripples across the American press. It may seem like a minor footnote, but what sport shoes the stars wear can make headlines. Wade said his hero was Michael Jordan – who has long been the iconic face of Nike. In fact, Jordan has been hailed as the fuel behind Nike's success. Nike was struggling in the early 80s and Michael Jordan's endorsement of the brand helped reinvent and revitalise Nike.

Nike and the Michael Jordan Legacy

Jordan had actually preferred Adidas and Converse to Nike, but when Nike offered to create a new line of sports shoes called Air Jordans, Michael's agent saw a golden opportunity. Nike and Jordan embarked on something of a special relationship thanks to his charisma and heart, which resulted in a sporting legacy. Nike paid Jordan $2.5 million plus royalties over a five year period, and the Air Jordan shoe revolutionised the sports shoe industry. The Air Jordan line of Nike shoes became a household name. When Jordan began to input design advice into the Nike sports shoe with Air Jordan III, sales really took off and the legacy was sealed as Jordan became his own sub-brand within the Nike brand.

Switching to Nike – Sports Brands can Make or Break Careers

It isn't surprising then that Wade who switched to Nike has said in a press release: “I grew up on the south side of Chicago idolizing Michael Jordan and have worked hard to achieve the same success that he’s had on the court,” Wade said. “I have enormous respect for this brand.” Wade who plays for Miami Heat, spoke volumes about the impact a big sports brand can have on a career – he said he switched to Nike because he wanted to go global – and moving to Nike was necessary in order to achieve this level of fame. Wade reportedly had concerns aboutConverse as a brand in basketball with doubts about its long term prospects in the game.

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