The Inspiration Behind Nike Hyperfuse Trainers

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From the streets of China comes Nike’s toughest new range

The new Nike Hyperfuse trainers are cutting edge, high-tech basketball shoes for those who demand everything from their footwear. They are not to be missed.

Nike Hyperfuse Trainers are based on classic old-school Nike designs, such as the Air Max 90, but with a twist. The shoes are made of high grade material that makes them extremely durable. This toughness was inspired by street basketball in China, where shoes have to be able to stand up to aggressive use on asphalt courts. If you need a basketball shoe that won’t let you down out on the court, then Nike Hyperfuse trainers are for you.

One of the best things about the new composite material used in the Nike Hyperfuse trainers is that while they are built to last, they’re still just as light and breathable as you’d expect from a high quality basketball trainer. This means that they are perfectly designed to be used in sports, where you want your trainers to be not just an item of clothing, but an extension of your body, and you don’t want them to be restrictive.

Attention-Grabbing Looks

Nike Hyperfuse trainers aren't just built to impress; they look the part too. As the special material does not absorb colour in the same way as traditional fabrics, colours are vibrant and bold, so you can look good on and off the court. The reds and oranges in the range are particularly eye-catching.

Some of the colours include:

  • Platinum
  • Crimson
  • Stealth grey
  • Orange

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