Amazing Advancements in Men’s Shoe Technology

Nike at footasylum

Nike at footasylum

Amazing Advancements in Men’s Shoe Technology

The design and technology of men’s shoes is an ever changing playing field. Not least because much of the technology which has already been rolled out for men’s footwear has been done so under the auspices of improving sporting pursuits like football or golf. It’s fairly common that, once a particular type of technology has become easy to manufacturer, and therefore more affordable, it filters down to mainstream footwear. So here’s an overview of some of the best men’s shoe technology out right now and what we may be seeing in the months and years to come.

Pressurised Air Cushioning

Shoes featuring a pocket of air under the heel, forefoot or entire length of the shoe have been a staple part of Nike’s trainer design for the past five years, and remain one of the top tech picks for 2013. In particular, Nike Air Max trainers offer more comfort and better performance than many other equally affordable trainers available, due to the potential for more impact absorption when feet connect with the ground. Air Max has been around since the late 80s, yet updated technology and design makes this a persistently popular trainer.

Motion Control

Certain men’s running shoes now feature motion control, which is essentially a more refined support system in the form of an extra-dense foam midsole and perfectly shaped heel cup. These features will help to keep your foot stable and provide additional strike support. What makes this type of technology great isn’t the complexity or expense of the design – both of which are surprisingly low – but its simplicity and applicability.

Charge Your Phone with Your Shoe

As a promise of things to come, new technology is currently being tested which would allow you to charge your phone with your shoe – a dream for tech enthusiasts everywhere! Developed in Kenya, the new technology will generate electricity when stepped on through an ultra thin crystal chip which is designed to be placed in the sole of a shoe.

Smart Insoles to Help Correct Walking Problems

Another tech savvy invention has been pioneered in the US by a professor who has created a smart insole which will be capable of correcting walking problems experienced by people with artificial legs, hip replacements and broken legs. The insole will be able to interpret the way you walk and provide you with instant feedback about changes you need to make in order to walk correctly.

The Evolution of Men’s Shoe Technology

It’s incredibly telling that the smart insole, mentioned above, is so comparable to Nike’s line of running shoes. Men’s shoe technology is an endless stream of invention and inspiration which draws upon past achievements to conceive of future technological advancements. Research into the mechanics of walking, running and sports has been conducted since the 1970s and its results have been used to improve footwear and mobility accessories across the board, from running shoes to prostheses. Who knows what the future may hold!