Nike Trainers - Footwear Fans Get Snapping

Nike at footasylum

Nike at footasylum
According to a report in the Guardian, Nike have come up with an innovative way to create buzz around Nike trainers. Essentially, Nike are allowing people to make their own Nike trainers from photos they have taken.
Nike are, of course, one of the leading sporting and fashion labels in the world and Nike trainers are amongst the most recognisable features of modern times. Now Nike have come up with a new marketing regime that is allowing footwear fanatics to create their own form of Nike trainers based upon photos that they take on their mobile phones.
According to the report in the Guardian, Nike are hoping to tap into the increasingly technological society and their own overt popularity when it comes to Nike trainers which will essentially permit Nike trainers to be customisable in the future. Nike is constantly reinventing itself in terms of style and presence but Nike trainers are such an institution in the fashion and sporting worlds that there are few things that can even come close to creating such a resonance amongst consumers both young and old today.

Nike Trainers - Embracing Technology
Nike trainers are synonymous with the psyches of millions of people throughout the world but this doesn’t mean that Nike are resting on their laurels. Nike are often at the forefront of new innovations particularly so far as Nike trainers are concerned. As such, it should come as little surprise that Nike are embracing technological advancements and are allowing Nike footwear fans to create customised Nike trainers based on photographs they have taken on their mobile phones. According to the report in the Guardian, Nike is allowing people to send in photos from their mobiles of colourful things they see in day to day life, such as graffiti, and then Nike will create a pair of Nike trainers based on the two most prevalent colours in the photo.

Nike Trainers - Sign of Things to Come
Nike trainers are always looking for ways to solidify their position as the most popular variety of sporting footwear. This step into the technological market may well be the first of many such innovations pertaining to Nike trainers. Speaking to the Guardian, Nike brand director, Paulo Turbito, claimed it was a, “Watershed moment in mobile campaign activity. Where past use of MMS in mobile marketing campaigns has typically focused on short-term, one-way interactions between brand and consumers, this opens a genuine creative dialogue between the brand and its audience.”

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