Divine Trash – Photo Print T Shirts Get Sexy

Cool photo print t shirts of Kate Moss or Paris Hilton are now some of the top t shirt designs for this summer.

If you’re looking for a sexy looking t shirt then you needn’t look any further than the Divine Trash photo print t shirts available on Foot Asylum. Divine Trash celebrity t shirts feature some of the most overt images of celebrities, models and female semi-nudes. It’s not an uncommon subject for fashion to emulate art in terms of styles, imagery and subject matter and this is what Divine Trash appears to have done with their new collection of sexy photo printed t shirts.

The Female Nude in Art & Fashion – Divine Trash Photo Print

The female nude is a long standing subject matter to use in fine art photography and sculpture, so why not have the same beautiful images of women photo printed onto t shirts? The sexy and artistic photo prints of celebrity models used on the latest collection of the Divine Trash t shirts show just how edgy the brand can be. There are images of Kate Moss with a cigarette propped in her lips standing in a defiant pose, looking directly at the camera. And when this image is translated to a t shirt the effect is dramatic. It takes on an in-your-face attitude, particularly apparent when the eyes of the semi-nude model stare directly out from the photo print at the same level of the chest of the wearer. This is a purposefully defiant design by Divine Trash to challenge not just the fans of their clothes but the reaction they want to provoke when they’re worn.

Provocative Divine Trash Photo Print T Shirts – Sensuous & Sexy

Designers and artists over the centuries have made use of the beautiful and provocative form of the naked female body. From Rubens sensual curves, to Lucian Freud free brushwork, the photo prints used on the Divine Trash t shirts are just as valid as a form of photographic art as the Grecian sculptures housed in the Tate. The Divine Trash Amsterdam t shirt depicts a scantily clad girl covered in tattoos sitting slumped on the pavement smoking a cigarette, and the well known cigarette girl printed t shirt is in an extremely provocative pose. With her jeans sliding down her hips, eyes closed and completely bare chest it’s a brave pose to wear on a t shirt.

Divine Trash T Shirts - Photo Print Art from the Foot Asylum

If it’s a t shirt with attitude that you require then look no further than the Divine Trash range on the Foot Asylum. Divine Trash photo print t shirts specialize in edgy, slightly shocking, but not explicit, nude imagery of the female body. Order your Divine Trash photo print t shirt today from the Foot Asylum by shopping online right now.