Flash in the Pan T-Shirts

Are your t-shirts out-of-date or a victim of a flash-in-the-pan trend?

All of us have them – t-shirts that are out of date or bought in a moment of frenzy. If you’ve ever become a real tourist or a band’s biggest fan, chances are you’ve bought t-shirts that you only wear to wash the car in or sleep in. In fact, there are some t-shirts that should never see the light of day. T-shirts from naff pop bands that meant the world to you when you were 14 can look pretty tragic worn ten years (or more) later.

T-Shirts for the Bottom Drawer

In fact these t-shirts should be consigned to the bottom of your drawers or wardrobe. And alongside naff fanzine t-shirts from teenage years, there’s another breed of T-Shirts that should only be used as dish clothes or handy rags to clean your shoes – the tragically out of date t-shirts. In Dubai the promoters of the tallest building in the world must be slightly hacked off after a last minute name change from the Burj Dubai to Burj Khalifa. In fact, a lot of apple carts will be turned over as a result of the name change – from those flogging t-shirts bearing the name to baseball caps and badges. T-shirts and cap sales in the skyscraper’s gift shop have become obsolete overnight, although some say the t-shirts could be snapped up as collector items.
It isn’t just those flogging t-shirts that have lost out. Some say that the district around the building has become known as ‘downtown Burj Dubai’ and the name change could impact on scores of signs, business cards and stationery.
The name change is to recognise the Abu Dhabi leader who bailed the Dubai leaders out of the debt crisis.

T-Shirts for Obsessive Fans

In America, you can buy t-shirts that emulate your favourite tattooed film star. For just under $60 you can wear white t-shirts that are adorned with Angelina Jolie’s tattoos. You can also buy t-shirts that feature the tattoos of Johnny Depp and David Beckham. But if that wasn’t creepy enough, the t-shirts will quickly become out of date due to the speed certain celebrities adopt new tattoos. The tattoos are deeply personal to Jolie and it seems a little odd that fans might want t-shirts featuring the body art which includes the co-ordinates of the birthplaces of Zahara and Maddox.

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