Genius Madness Espadrilles - Jute is Back with a Vengeance

This summer the espadrille is making a major comeback.

This summer is the summer that espadrille is making a major comeback and the Genius Madness Espadrilles are a classic example of an ancient shoe design turned contemporary style. Espadrilles originated from the French Pyrenees hundreds of years ago as a peasant shoe, or sandal, to be worn during the long, hot, dusty summer months. The basic design hasn’t changed that much since either, the sole is made from strong woven dried grass, such as Jute, and the uppers are light canvas or cotton. The word espart is a Catalan word for tough Mediterranean grass used to make rope.

The Genius & Madness of Espadrilles – The Foot Asylum

You may think that espadrilles are only worn by campers in the South of France but these days you’d be wrong. Nowadays superb ranges of espadrilles are being created by top designers and are a great choice as a summer shoes for lounging around your house and garden, and for using as outdoor slippers. Designs for women include wedge shaped heels, platform or flat, with laces or straps added to fasten to their feet. The uppers can be made using nearly any type of fabric and can be open-toed or closed. Most men’s espadrilles are flat and they’re easy to slip on and off.

Modern Day Madness – Genius Madness Espadrilles

The Genius Madness Espadrilles keep the basic original design but have extra reinforced sole so they’re more durable than the original models. They’re light–weight and colourful with a wonderful choice of colours to choose from: blue denim, red, grey, black and navy blue or white. They have a soft leather insole and a rubber sole for extra durability.

Espadrilles – The Shoe of Choice for Summer Footwear

Here at the Foot Asylum we’ve got a great range of Genius Madness Espadrilles in stock for you to order right now, and you can order two pairs for £20.