Footwear – Size Matters

Footwear often hits the headlines as issues of style clash with design. When it comes to heels and shoes, size always matters.

You know what they say about men with big feet? It’s hard to find a decent pair of designer footwear. And for women, this is even more difficult. And yet, research shows that the feet of both men and women are getting bigger and bigger. A report on the Telegraph centred on the revelation that newsreader Kate Silverton has size 9 feet. And research shows that the average shoe size is up from a five to a six in the past five years. Medical experts believe this rise in size is actually tied up with the obesity problem the UK is facing as more of us eat high-density foods during puberty stimulating growth hormones.

Footwear Sales Go Large

Any woman with feet bigger than a size 8 will know how difficult it is to find fashionable footwear. But all that could change if the nation’s feet keep growing and shoe manufacturers will have to give consumers what they need. Some leading footwear retailers have reported a 30% rise in sales of size nine shoes for women in 2009. And one retailer said that going by their footwear sales, women in Leeds had the largest feet in England. Bigger footwear, especially footwear with heels need to be sturdier and able to deal with greater levels of stress which often impacts on the range of designer footwear available to those with bigger feet. At one point it was hard for women to get their hands on a size six shoes, now six is the norm. People are getting taller and bigger with the change in modern diets and lifestyles. Men’s footwear up to size 11 and 12 are now common. British men’s feet are growing too – with the average shoe growing by a size in the last five years. Demand for size 12 footwear for men has for the first time outstripped demand for size sevens. In the past size 12 would have only been footwear available on special order.

Supportive (and Stylish) Footwear

And yet while our feet are getting bigger, it seems in some fashion circles women’s footwear is impossibly high. Many women are turning their backs on painful difficult heels and opting for cool, comfy and supportive trainers or leisure footwear. The fact that Suri Cruise was snapped wearing high heels aged three causes a media outrage – although Katie Holmes said the heels were specifically for ballroom dancing classes. Some critics felt the Footwear was taking dressing-up ‘a few inches too far, even for a celebrity toddler’.

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