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Cult Indie, alternative music legends the Stone Roses weren’t on the scene long enough to mass manufacture merchandise in the millions. But you can still own NME icons t shirts featuring the band. The Stone Roses classic tracks called, Fools Gold, Sally Cinnamon, and I Wanna Be Adored are tunes that have now reached heights of legend that will pass easily into the list of the top 10 greats in alternative music. The own Stone Roses NME icons t shirts while you still can is a way to show your appreciation of one indie band that literally blew the genre straight into the main stream music industry, paving the way for hundreds of other alternative bands hoping to hit the big time.

The Stone Roses Music Explained – NME Icons T Shirts

There are two sides to every story and fans of the Stone Roses will describe their music as fantastic, rolling, triumphant and euphoric, tuneful melodies whereas those who scoffed at the time used such words as whining, wandering, listless, tuneless slurry. The proof of their combined talent however was in the legend-making music industry politics. After making a record deal with a small unworkable label, the disastrous failure of their potential commercial success in terms of money and world tours eventually lifted the Stone Roses to iconic status.

NME Icons T Shirts – Ian Brown, Mani, Reni, Garner, and Squire

Emerging during the same era as The Fall, New Order, The Smiths and the rest of the emerging Manchester dance scene, the Stone Roses slowly became known as a force to be reckoned with, and the individual band members became icons in their own right. Ian Brown, the singer, Pete Garner, the bassist, John Squire the guitarist and Reni the drummer who “played the drums like Hendrix played the guitar”, and Gary ‘Mani’ Mounfield joined as the new bassist adding the missing element that kicked the Stone Roses to super stardom, even if it was short lived.

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