Designer Clothes Shops Vs Primark

When it comes to glamour, Joan Collins is something of an icon – but can we believe she’s really swapped designer clothes shops for Primark?

According to a recent interview with a tabloid newspaper, Joan Collins has had to cut down on using designer clothes shops and switch to Primark. It’s hard to believe that even she has to penny pinch as a result of the recession – especially considering the amazing savings available using designer clothes shops online. But according to the tabloid she’s switched designer clothes shops for Primark, despite owning four homes all with wardrobes stuffed with designer clothes.

Get Glamorous!

Joan has also been saying that the UK is turning into a nation of slobs thanks to our bad dress sense. Looking glamorous is a priority for Joan, who is renowned for shopping at exclusive designer clothes shops to achieve her high-end style. But Joan told The Sun newspaper: "I can't afford couture clothes. I don't know who can, I wouldn't dream of spending £3,000 on a jacket."

Affordable Designer Clothes Shops

But there are luxury brands available online through specialist designer clothes shops that offer designer style without the couture price tag. Joan Collins may not be the voice of the people when it comes to fashion however. Her high end designer style suits women of a certain age, but the bling and big shoulders of the Dynasty era are not a style everyone aspires too. Many leading designer labels take their inspiration from the street and from the worlds of music and art.

Don’t Compromise – Shop Online

Joan was introduced to Primark during a TV show she did ‘Joan Does Glamour’ where she made-over three generations of women in the Littlefair family. It wasn’t quite believable that the Dynasty queen would really swap her designer clothes shops for the High Street, but it made for great TV and plenty of publicity for the actress. Joan, who has spent a lifetime shopping at the best designer clothes shops told the press: "Women have always come up to me and asked me about my hair, my clothes, my make-up, and I think I have a good eye for that sort of thing - I styled myself all the way through Dynasty. So I thought it would be fun to style some women who asked for my help." Whether you’re looking to inject a little glamour into your wardrobe, or you just want to shop for the best designer gear – you don’t have to compromise – get some great deals online at Footasylum.

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