Footwear - A Walking Advertisement

Today’s fashion footwear has taken brand awareness to the next level with logo trainers.

It all started with cute logo tees that declared our love for New York City. Then came the craze for retro graphics complimented with vintage logos shouting about our favourite childhood TV shows. 2010 sees the logo trend transcend to the latest men’s footwear.

Logo Footwear-Discreet or Dramatic?

A logo is the tell tale sign that gives away the designer brand that you are wearing to others. Logos come in many different forms and can be anything from a simple design, a letter or a name. The majority of brands tend to have small logos in a discreet place such as the trouser pocket. Some brands like to stand out and will place their logo down the full length of the garment across the chest or down the arm. How much is too much? Logo design can work for or against a company. If the brand is coveted people will flock to buy a garment with a garish logo however if the brand is unknown many are reluctant to be a walking advertisement. The latest trend sees bold logos pasted on the side of men’s footwear for all to see. Will this trend take off or simply be a fashion flop?

Footwear-Brands to Shout About

Brash logos were once worn with shame however all this is about to change with the latest collection from fashion moguls Super Dry. Bold logos are now something to wear with pride as some of the coolest brands in fashion have shown. Adidas and Puma are just a couple of the footwear brands to embrace the logo trend to the full. Super Dry are just one of the brands offering a wide range of trainers featuring bold neon blue logos along the side of the shoe. This brand offers cutting edge footwear with interchangeable coloured laces and neon soles. Henleys also offer the same bold logo in a variety of neon shades at a more affordable price for those on a budget.

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