Footwear - The “Heritage Trainers” Trend

Designer footwear brands are reaping the rewards of re-launching original styles.

Many of the leading casual footwear companies have been around for years – think Adidas, Nike, Fred Perry and Lacoste for starters. With a background in great quality sports footwear, it’s no surprise that bringing original styles back to the market has helped to boost sales.

Why We Love Heritage Footwear

Although brands are constantly looking for ways to introduce and adapt new technology into their latest performance footwear, they also understand that what many people are looking for is just a pair of trainers with great style. You may have a pair of trainers that you use for sport, but when you’re just out with your friends or shopping in town, you want comfortable, well-designed trainers that look fantastic. That’s what these designers can give you, and by going back to original styles, you really get the best of both worlds:

  • Modern manufacture – modern production methods mean that your trainers are probably better put together than they would have been thirty or forty years ago. Advances in machining, cutting and stitching give your footwear a longer lifespan. In addition, modern materials help your feet to breath more easily, offer greater cushioning and better support.
  • Original look – one of the reasons that heritage footwear is so popular is because of the design style. Without any fuss or decoration, these trainers are functional, sleek and make your feet look great. Modern trainers can seem clunky by comparison with these more elegant designs.
  • Contemporary twist – brands like to update their heritage footwear by adding a contemporary twist. Whether it’s an revised version of the logo, a flash of colour or a contrasting panel of material, you know that these trainers are brand new, even though they carry the original style.
  • Memories – of course, heritage footwear appeals to the memories of those who were around the first time as well as to the design-savvy younger generation of shoppers. Like re-invented children’s programmes, these trainers allow people to return to the styles of their youth.

Heritage Footwear at FootAsylum

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