Designer Clothes Shops - Competition for Customers

As more new labels come to the market, designer clothes shops face a battle for business.

Customers want great prices and great choice, so designer clothes shops have to make sure they’re offering exactly what the customer is looking for. Whether it’s a high street retailer, an outlet store or an online shop, there’s real competition for business.

Designer Clothes Shops – Promotions

Of course, competition between designer clothes shops is great news for you, the customer. It means there’s a better chance of finding a bargain and also that there’s more choice available to you. You may be a fan of a particular label and be looking for ways to reduce your costs when you next buy, or you might just prefer the quality and cut of designer clothing to the high street shops, and be looking for the best way to update your wardrobe. Whatever you’re after, mid-range designer clothes shops are looking for your custom:

  • Sales – traditionally, most shops would have sales after Christmas and in the summer. Today, with the economy struggling and much greater competition, sales are a common feature of both high street and online retail. It’s always worth checking out the sales items to see whether there’s anything in there that’s right for you. You can often get a great bargain if you shop wisely.
  • Deals – towards the end of the season, or if there are items that haven’t sold as well as predicted, designer clothes shops may offer deals. You may be able to get a second item at half price if you pay full value for the first one, or you may be able to choose three of the same piece for a reduced price. Keeping your eyes open for deals like this could help you to save money.
  • Choice – when you shop at an online designer clothes retailer, you get a real choice between labels. Rather than trooping in and out of single-designer stores or boutiques, why not save time and money by getting online. Not only is the greater choice laid out in front of you, but you could also benefit from lower prices.


Take advantage of the competition between designer clothes stores to find great value for money for genuine top-quality brands.


Designer Clothes Shops – Try FootAsylum

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