Footwear Boundaries Become Blurred

Trainers for work and high heeled sandals in the winter – footwear is becoming all-seasonal and for all occasions.

It only takes one or two designers to think a little differently, and trends can change for ever. For a long time, boots were only ever worn in the winter and sandals in the summer; trainers were for weekends and sport, and you never wore your brogues with your jeans. Today’s footwear is all about personal choice – wear it when you want to and with whatever you want to.

Footwear for You

The beauty of these blurred boundaries is that you can now choose exactly what footwear you want in your wardrobe and mix and match according to your own personal preferences rather than what tradition says. From those who spend the summer in shorts and Ugg Boots – genuine Ugg Boots don’t make your feet hot and sweaty in the summer – to the latest trends for wearing socks and sandals during the winter, there’s no reason why you can’t do exactly what you want. There are some basic rules to follow:

  • Trainers at work – many firms are becoming far more relaxed about what you wear to work. If you are client-facing, you’re probably still expected to turn up in smart clothes and decent footwear, but if you work in the fashion industry, the media or other more forgiving sectors, you can afford to play around with your style. It’s always best to double check with your employer about their expectations of work dress before you turn up in a suit and trainers.
  • Comfort – there’s nothing wrong with dressing for comfort, although we’ve all endured blisters and sore toes from cramming into the wrong shoes in order to make a good impression. As long as you’re comfortable wearing your footwear and clothing combinations, you can stride out of the house with confidence.
  • Winter sandals – high-heeled sandals look stunning, so why put them back in the box when autumn comes? Check out fashion hosiery that lets you wear them all year round without getting cold – but do take the time to look at models and celebrities so that you’re getting the look absolutely right.

Footwear at FootAsylum

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