The Power of T-Shirts

T-shirts are the simplest and humblest of clothing and yet something as simple as a t-shirt can have a powerful effect.

T-shirts are used to influence, sell, promote or motivate. From the t-shirts that shout your alliances and allegiances, to the designer t-shirts that express your style to the world. The fact that t-shirts regularly hit the news headlines shows how powerful the humble T can be.

T-shirts to cut binge drinking

The BBC recently reported on a novel way to try and curb the binge drinking culture in Durham – by giving out free t-shirts to people who buy a non-alcoholic drink. The black T-Shirts were part of an initiative to try and discourage Christmas drinkers from binge drinking in Durham’s bars. The t-shirts are hoped to provide an incentive for people to take a responsible attitude to drinking and the initiative has been accredited through the Best Bar None scheme. The t-shirts are hoped to help win the battle to reduce alcohol-related crime in the city. T-shirts, no matter what the style, can be useful but these t-shirts were purposefully designed to look similar to the kinds of black t-shirts used to promote a cool rock band.
Around three-quarters of bars in the city have already signed up to the free t-shirt scheme, which has proved popular with customers already.

T-shirts depicting murder

As well as trying to promote positive behaviour and act as an incentive, t-shirts can also create negative publicity. In a shopping mall called Pleasant Grove in Dallas, America, a particular design of t-shirt has been banned from a shopping centre. The t-shirts depict a body being dumped in the boot of a car. The t-shirts have been confiscated by security after complaints. The t-shirts show the murder with the slogan ‘Welcome to Pleasant Grove’. Local businesses said it was a negative portrayal of the city and that the t-shirts perpetuated the ‘violent stereotype’ of the neighbourhood.
These two news stories reveal how powerful t-shirts can be – whether used as an anarchic expression or to try and be a positive influence – your t-shirts say a lot about your personality, beliefs and outlook on life.
As well as promoting particular messages, t-shirts can be equally at home in the world of fashion. The versatility of t-shirts makes them a solid feature in the fashion world today. The modest t-shirt takes centre stage when they are designed by world class fashion houses and designer brands.

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