Sincere Men’s Fashion for 2013

Sincere Men’s Fashion for 2013

For the past year or so there has been an overwhelming trend for men, and women, to dress ironically. It’s encapsulated in the form of the ‘hipster’; an individual who sports consciously self-conscious clothing which is outwardly referral to anything other than the present. Hipster fashion is all about nostalgia, deflection and pop culture references; borrowing from the past without making present meaning.

Part of the problem with trying to come up with new trends is that, sooner or later, you may find yourself running out of new ideas. This is, in part, what has so stimulated the hipster movement’s predilection for ironic historical appropriation. A feeling of ennui on the catwalks, filtered down to the high street, means that a whole generation has become more comfortable with rifling through the past rather than keeping an eye on the future. However these old styles aren’t contributing anything meaningful to future fashions; it’s costuming without any real thought for recycling.

Old Trends for New Audiences

Just as with any trend, hipster style is starting to wear a little thin with both consumers and designers alike. The 2012 winter season has seen men’s fashions err more towards heavy fabrics and meaningful colours which speak to the moment and provide a solid, utilitarian function. Similarly with Parka jackets, Hunter wellies and mixed patterns; fashionable styles for men now seem to be capitalising upon hipster aesthetics in order to offer alternatives with worth.

This new sincerity can be felt in all sorts of ways, from aesthetics to accessories which actually perform a function. The evolution of technologies produced to assist mobility, for example, has long had an impact on the design of sportswear and shoes which are now being featured again in fashion design. New trends for trainers – which are still currently being worn in a vintage style – predict increased stability, more flexibility and integrated assistive technology for professionals in the form of phone chargers and bluetooth. Something so practical, so purposeful, could never be classed as ironic – not even the new biodegradable Puma trainers which have been carefully designed to reduce landfill.

Sustainable Clothing

New men’s fashion trends are seeing the continuation of sustainability in the form of key pieces which are designed to outlast fashion fads and can be worn well into the coming warmer months. Tailoring is a key staple of suit design for 2013 and is featured in the form of classic cuts and sleek design which may in some cases be vintage inspired but still speak entirely to the modern. Tops tips for men who want to dress well include creating a capsule wardrobe of design classic which incorporates elements of both the old and the new, which can be paired together for refreshing look that capitalises upon the best of both worlds without pandering to either.