What’s Hot or Not for Men’s Fashion in 2013

What’s Hot or Not for Men’s Fashion in 2013

Men’s fashion for 2013 is set to continue with many of the themes we’ve been seeing for the past few months. With winter extending into January, February and even March in some parts many men will be reluctant to let go of their winter staples too early. But thankfully, men’s fashion trends for 2013 will look to capitalise upon the cold weather in order to bring us new forms of old favourites in the form of knitwear, complex fabrics and durable, versatile footwear.

Fashions to Look Forward to in 2013

Hot trends for 2013 will include a wealth of blue, mixed patterns, winter jackets and military coats, and more accessories for men in the form of jewellery, watches and shoes. To get these things right, pay attention to both the catwalks and the high street and furnish your wardrobe with essential outerwear which can be worn in any situation.

On Trend Clothing for 2013

Keep your winter and spring clothing simple and you’ll find that the transition between seasons will come much more easily. Men’s winter fashions have already seen an emphasis on heavy tailoring, quality knitwear and vintage styles. These trends will continue into the New Year in the form of outerwear, so it’s vital that you have in your wardrobe a classic mac, hooded parka or vintage style duffle coat. Spring fashions will see a fresh emergence of lighter colours and materials, which can be worn underneath your winter outerwear as the weather warms, for an instant transformation when moving from the high street to the cocktail bar.

On Trend Footwear for 2013

Boots have been hot over winter but sporting shoes are set to make a comeback when the temperatures start to rise. Keep an eye on the classics, such as canvas trainers, vintage style sneakers and sportswear favourites like Nike Air Jordan basketball shoes. Since the London 2012 Olympic Games sports shoes have been very much back in vogue, and sporty looks for men are set to stay strong for spring and summer in 2013.

What’s Not Hot in Men’s Fashion

As with all fashions, there are things to avoid if you want to stay looking your best. Whilst mixing patterns is hot, too many and you’ll end up looking a mess. Keep your colour palette fairly simple and stick to two patterns, not three.

In addition, plain fabrics such as cotton, which receded into the background over winter in favour of heavy tweed and wool, will be back next year but not until the weather warms up, so be wary of wearing them too soon.

When it comes to shoes, dress shoes are very much out and boots, brogues and wellies are in. Vintage style is set to continue into the New Year and the perfect pair of shoes can make an outfit, but the wrong pair will break it.