Online Designer Clothes Shops Become Bigger Force in Retail

According to a feature in the Chicago Tribune, the internet is all set to become an even bigger force in retail.

If you love designer clothes shops, you don’t have to live near to the trendy streets of London or bohemian fashion quarters of the UK’s top shopping destinations. As long as you have a laptop and internet access, you can access some of the best online designer clothes shops from the comfort of your living room – no matter where you live. It’s not surprising then that online designer clothes shops and online shopping in general is one of the fastest growing sectors for the retail industry. In fact, the Chicago Tribune has predicted that the internet is poised to become an even bigger force as frugal shoppers turn to the internet in their droves to make the most of the best online deals and offers.

Love Designer Clothes Shops? Go Online

In America, the recession has taken a massive toll on its shopping malls. But the economic downturn has seen a new force in retail – rather than visiting expensive designer clothes shops, consumers are going online to search out the best prices online. There’s no question that online designer clothes shops offer the best prices, bargains and discounts. Add to that the fact many online designer clothes shops are improving their websites to ensure shopping is secure, easy, fast and efficient; it’s not surprising more shoppers are logging on.

The Perfect Storm

Mark Cohen, marketing professor at Columbia Business School in New York told the Chicago Tribune: “There's no question the Internet has gone from being a curious sidebar to a main event. Customers are becoming completely comfortable with doing business on the Net.”
A leading investment firm in New York has predicted e-commerce sales will rise by 10% in 2010 to an estimated $144 billion.
Of course an online designer clothes shop is going to reach a far larger potential client base than a physical store will. What’s more, websites can help retailers track customer trends, target discounts and suggest products to help maximise sales. Big sites like Amazon can market their products based on buying patterns, helping boost its profits and offer a more personalised shopping experience.
Industry analysts realise an online designer clothes shop – or any kind of shop – is a no brainer. The internet is ‘the perfect storm’ where consumers instantly go to find affordable products. And as broadband becomes increasingly the norm, with access to the internet from mobile phones as well as laptops and PCs, the online shopping experience is here to stay.

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