Footwear for Tall Women - The Flats or Heels Debate

When it comes to buying footwear, heels are considered to be the ultimate lusted after shoe – but what if you are already really tall?

It’s a problem Sophie Dahl faces at every photo opportunity when she steps out with her partner Jamie Cullum. The diminutive singer looks almost freakishly short next to the leggy Dahl. She towers over Cullum in a way that is mocked by the tabloids – so what kind of footwear should she choose?

Flat Footwear – Go Heel-Free

If she opts for flat footwear to try and minimise the height difference, some might say she’s losing out. Heels change the posture of a woman and add elegance and femininity flats could never achieve. And despite her heel-free footwear choices, Dahl still gets picked out by the press for towering over her partner. At the Fantastic Mr Fox premiere she wore a pair of ‘very flat shoes’ according to the Daily Mail. The choice of her footwear was a subject of much scrutiny, as her 5ft 11 frame stands next to the 5ft 6 figure of Jamie.

Buy the Right Footwear for Your Frame

Dahl is clearly used to buying footwear that doesn’t accentuate her height, and photographers even commented that she ‘bended her knee’ as she posed to try and reduce the height difference. The pairing has triggered endless column inches about the issue of why tall women love short men. One theory could be that they secretly hate wearing heels. Let’s face it, heels can be agonising, even if they look great. They can leave a woman hobbling in pain if she has to walk any distance, or do anything practical. Perhaps short men allow them to live a life wearing only comfortable, flat footwear!

Comfort and Style

Sophie Dahl has been dubbed the ‘Big Friendly Girlfriend’ (BFG) for towering over her partner, even in her sensible footwear. So what is it that’s so attractive about short men? Surveys say time and again that the taller the man is, the better a lover is and the more he earns. However, some women feel short men tend to be funnier or more entertaining as they try and compensate for their height. Some women believe shorter men are less vain, less likely to cheat and make more of an effort in a relationship. Whatever the reason, one things for sure – it means women get to ditch the heels and choose footwear they can feel truly comfortable in.

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