Espadrilles are the Must-Have Footwear for Summer

Some of the most comfortable and trendy shoes seen on feet this summer are espadrilles from Genius Madness and Toms.

Slip-on espadrilles are a classic piece of summertime footwear that is highly popular with every age group these days. Espadrilles are the embodiment of Southern European style and you’ll see them nearly everywhere, worn by the old and young alike during their day-to-day lives. They are comfortable, light, and perfect for wearing indoors and out, as casual but chic footwear. Espadrilles are traditionally made with cotton canvas uppers with Jute or strong woven grass soles but these days espadrilles can be manufactured from any type of material. But the classic design remains the same: a soft cloth upper, with one piece covering the front and top of your foot, and a separate piece used to keep your heel in place.

Genius Madness Designer Espadrilles

The Genius Madness espadrilles are manufactured using traditional materials and you can choose from some great subtle colours: navy blue, red, white, grey or blue denim. They have reinforced soles for a long lasting rubber sole, and for comfort sports a soft leather insole too. No matter where you wear your espadrilles they’re an ideal choice of summer footwear from Genius Madness. Espadrilles originally came from the Pyrenees and were a flexible, casual everyday wear for the hot and dusty climates found there. Some people still consider them to be simple peasant footwear but these days the fantastic designs available include wedge heals, embroidered uppers, high heeled espadrilles, striped, spotty and a myriad of superb styles for men, women and children too. Even top fashion designers have taken the basic of a traditional espadrille and given them the haute couture treatment.

Toms Espadrilles the Top Choice for Summer Footwear

Not only do Toms offer top of the range designer espadrilles they’ll give a new pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of Toms espadrilles you buy. The Toms espadrilles are a further advanced alternative to traditional Jute soled espadrilles. Toms espadrilles have a tighter look to the uppers, and are squared off at the toe. The material is stronger and thicker than the class espadrille and for that nice designer touchy the inside of the canvas is patterned with silhouettes of safari animals in bold blocky colours to match the outer shade. They also have a solid rubber sole as an alternative to Jute but also have a soft leather insole for the ultimate comfortable espadrille. Toms espadrilles are the sophisticated alternative to the original.

Buy your Espadrilles from the Foot Asylum Today

Espadrilles will never go out of fashion because they are just perfect as slippers, light weight holiday footwear and the best choice for summer footwear. Genius Madness and Toms both offer a fantastic range of espadrilles. For you to order online from the Foot Asylum today so browse our online shop and order securely online.