Footwear to Fall Head over Heels for

According to a report in the Telegraph newspaper, women are more likely to remember their first pair of shoes than their fist kiss.

Footwear is a serious business for most women but who knew how serious? According to a survey published in The Telegraph, women are more likely to remember their first pair of shoes than an old boyfriend. The revelation may surprise a few, but it shows the power of footwear over some women. And according to the survey, the footwear doesn’t even need to be a designer brand – it needn’t be a pair of Jimmy Choos – just a regular pair of high street shoes can have an impact; 92% of women questioned said they could remember the first footwear they bought with their own money. But less than 2% remembered the name of the boy they first kissed.

Head Over Heels

Footwear no doubt can be fabulous, but the fact that it didn’t matter if the shoes were designer or high street is telling. Beautiful shoes can transform how you feel about yourself and fill you with confidence – it’s not surprising that so many women remember their first pair of shoes fondly. The survey revealed the true depths of women’s passion when it came to footwear. The results showed 96% of women said they regretted throwing away a pair of shoes. When it came to getting rid of past boyfriends however, only 15% of women said they felt sorry for their dumped ex.

Footwear to fall in Love with

The survey questioned over 1,000 women about their relationship memories and how these compared to their feelings about their footwear. It seems women love shoes more than some of their past loves. According to consumer psychologists, women’s fondness for footwear boils down to their shoe buying habits. Footwear is often bought by women for a special event like a wedding or a party. Some shoes it seems are worn just once or twice, and yet many women hold onto their shoes, building up a formidable collection. A footwear storage company conducted the survey and said they were surprised at how extreme the results were – with more women attached to their footwear than previously thought. A spokesman from the company told the Telegraph: “People always think of women storing old love letters in a shoebox, but in many cases, the shoes themselves are even more precious.”

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