Interpreting Men’s Catwalk Fashion for the High Street

Interpreting Men’s Catwalk Fashion for the High Street

A common misperception of catwalk fashion for both men and women is that it’s utterly impossible to translate into wearable high street fashion. However there is a method to the madness, which can be observed through a series of careful re-interpretations on the parts of retailers, bloggers and style enthusiasts which results in fashionable, wearable clothing which takes inspiration straight from the collections of top designers.

How to Wear the Top Catwalk Trends for 2013

Men’s 2013 fashions have already appeared on the catwalks so it’s only a matter of time before they appear on the high street in more wearable forms. Here are some of the hottest men’s styles for 2013, with tips on how to wear them for maximum effect.

  • Meggings

Confused? Don’t be. Meggings are nothing more than men’s leggings, now all the rage in celebrity circles and making waves on the streets of Manhattan. They follow on from the trend for skinny jeans and are reportedly extremely comfortable. It’s a hard look to get right and they need to be worn with confidence, but if you do decide to invest in a pair of muggings go for geometric prints and bold colours.

  • White Sneakers

White sneakers have been seen on the catwalks paired with nautical style pea coats and bold stripes. They’re perfect for spring/summer, but maybe not so great for winter. The best way to wear white sneakers is without socks, lest you end up looking like an extra from Saved By The Bell.

Lace-up wellies were first seen on the catwalks back in 2010. Wellies in 2013 are still bang on trend, but lose the laces and choose a pair with artfully placed buckles for an air of countrified gentrification that works well with tweed.

  • Mixed Patterns

Too few and you’ll look boring, too many and you’ll be a sore sight for eyes. When mixing patterns, like plaid, stripes or spots, it’s best to stick to one colour palette and keep it as simple as possible. Two patterns are fine but three may be too many.

Making Fashion Your Own

The most important part of interpreting catwalk trends is making the clothes work for you. If you’ve seen something you like, whether it’s a colour, style, accessory or even a complete outfit, trying to mimic or replicate it will most likely leave you looking a little foolish. Catwalks are about art and the high street is about wearability, so use your catwalk inspiration in subtle ways and make the outfits your own.