Kurt Cobain Featured on NME Icon T Shirts

If you’re a Nirvana fan, then owning a Curt Cobain NME icons t shirt is a must.

It’s 13 years since the tragic death of Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain but his legacy for fantastic music lives on. The NME icons t shirts featuring Kurt Cobain are a dedication to his memory that any fan will be please to own. To die at the height of his fame at the young age of just thirty, Kurt Cobain’s legacy lives on in the minds of fans that identify with his troubled life and musical genius. Nirvana’s unique sound of rock music heard in “Smells like Team Spirit” and “Bleach” made them one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

NME Icon T Shirts – The Legend of Nirvana

Appearing on the front cover of the famous music magazine NME is a rite of passage for many aspiring rock bands, and once you’ve made it then you can expect your fans to want to wear the same image of your face, band or number one album covers plastered over their chests too. The NME icons t shirts offer fans exactly this, you can be proud to display the celebrity or icon you admire on your clothes. Kurt Cobain is still a tragic icon for many music fans today. The very fact that his amazing music career was cut short so dramatically created a swathe of sadness and shock to fans all over the world. And when details of his troubled early life, and more recent miserable situation, came to light after his shocking death, the conundrum of his state of mind at the time seemed to be even more mysterious. Wear one of the superb NME icons t shirts featuring Kurt Cobain as a reminder to all of a musical genius, rather than the tragic life of a young man.

Kurt Cobain NME Icons T Shirts from the Foot Asylum

Here at Foot Asylum we’re dedicated to offering unique NME icons t shirts from iconic bands like Nirvana, the Stone Roses and Joy Division. The printed t shirts display the famous magazine covers of the NME issue that featured the band of the time. The back of the shirts are blank and available in pristine white. Order your Kurt Cobain NME icons t shirts online today from our NME shop, or have it delivered straight to one of our high street stores. If you’d like more information about ordering one of our NME icons t shirts please contact us on 08442090804 or fill out our online form.