Vans Trainers UK – New Model Voted Among Top 10 in Britain

New style Vans get top billing in The Independent

A recent list of the best men’s trainers in Britain has given big props to Vans trainers UK for the brand’s latest shoe design. The Vans LXVI Graph is a new twist on the classic Vans design and thanks to the innovations involved in this stylish and functional sports footwear, these shoes made it into the country’s top ten pairs.

The List, Including Vans UK

The Independent newspaper has put together a list of the very best men’s trainers, for both fashion and function, and Vans are right up there. Other names on the list include notable sporting and fashion brands such as Asics, Reebok, Converse and Puma. The top spot is taken by New Balance with their 88ov2 running shoes, but Vans trainers UK makes a solid appearance at position nine.

This is thanks to the development in what have traditionally been skater shoes, to trainers that offer a whole lot more.

Vans Trainers UK - The Vans LXVI Graph

The Vans LXVI Graph is an all new pair of Vans trainers UK consumers are going wild for. The features of note are as follows:

  • Performance footwear features
  • ‘ActionFit’ design
  • Lightest silhouette ever
  • ‘WaffleFlex Technology’ sole
  • ‘RapidWeld’ stitch-less upper

These features and more add considerably to the already existing virtues of casual style and cult appeal that Vans trainers have. These additional pieces of ingenuity take Vans trainers UK into a whole new league.

Vans Trainers UK at Footasylum

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