Vans Authentic Trainers – Forty Years of Style

Vans at footasylum
Vans at footasylum
It’s a super-cool brand, but today’s Vans Authentic trainers owe a lot to the company’s origins.

Experience always counts, and nowhere is that experience more important than in the fashion market. Knowing how to design and market your product, as well as hooking up with your target market is essential to success if you run a sub-culture brand. Vans Authentic trainers are hugely popular with skateboarders, who might not know that their favourite sneakers come from a company that’s been in business for more than 40 years.

More About Vans Authentic Trainers

The company now known as Vans was started by Paul Van Doren in 1966, designing great trainers and selling them direct to the public rather than going through wholesale retailers. The first few years of business saw Van Doren taking on business partners, opening retail stores on a shoe-string and redeveloping the rubber sole of the shoe to make it more durable. During this time, the shoes became more and more popular with local Californians, and the brand became known simply as “Vans”.

In the 1970s, the company that now produces Vans Authentic trainers became involved with the skateboard market. Lots of Californian skaters wanted flexible, comfortable trainers with great grip and also wanted lots of styles and colours to choose from. Vans was responsive enough to be able to produce new designs at short notice and quickly became the shoe of choice for skaters on the west coast of the USA. The 1980s, however, saw Vans run into problems, with competition from cheap imitation trainers, difficulties with illegal workers and other issues causing the company to lose money and market share.

Back on Top – Vans Authentic Trainers

Not a company to give up on something they knew would work, Vans battled through the tougher times and have come out on top. Reorganisation, new investment and a strong focus on the skater, snowboard, surfing and BMX markets brought Vans trainers back to public attention and today, Vans Authentic trainers are the footwear of choice for many young people involved in these sub-cultures.

Vans Authentic Trainers at Footasylum

At Footasylum, we love the Vans brand, and we sell a wide range of the label’s footwear, including Vans Authentic trainers. Take a look today at our collection and buy online through our secure store – and then just sit back and wait for delivery.