Vans Trainers – Supporting the World of Art

Vans at footasylum
Vans at footasylum
The Vans trainers brand is recognised all over the world for its long history with skateboarding and its ardent affair with rock music – but what about its love of art?

Vans trainers, which launched in the 60s, has always been heavily linked to alternative sports including skateboarding, wakeboarding and motocross; this opened doors to the music world and Vans trainers were soon connected with the best indie and rock band in across the globe, but particularly in the western world.

Vans trainers are worn by stakeboarders, BMX riders, rock stars and the most influential celebs, but what about the arts? Are Vans trainers just as recognised in the art world just as much as it is in sports and music? .

Friends of Vans – Artists Backed by Vans Trainers

The Vans trainers brand has always been proactive in seeking out fresh talent across all spectrums, from sports to arts and entertainment, rock music and much more. The Vans trainers brand is also proud to back some of the best up-and-coming artists including contemporary digital photographers, sculptors and painters. .

A few of the artists backed by Vans trainers are Chris Lindig, Fudge Factory Comics, Russ Pope, Rich Jacobs, Mister Cartoon, Robert Williams and many more. The ranging artwork features everything from fine art to comic books, and the Vans trainers company is well known around the art circles for supporting events and gallery openings. .

Vans Trainers Art Events for Art Lovers

Some of the most recent events supported by the Vans trainers team include the Martio Martinez (Mars-1) launch at FFDG which included some very interesting and inspiring sculptures, the Desires of the Soul show which featured a series of installation images by Kelsey Brookes, the Street Bros comic book pre-launch, and even an exciting showcase of intricately amazing tattoo work by artist, Jay Howell. .

The Vans trainers support shows no bounds in the world of art, showing sponsorship and support for almost any form of artwork, and there will be many more events to come for the well known trainers brand. .

As well as the huge support network for artists, Vans Off the Wall also provides an excellent YouTube channel with music and skate videos, and the Vans trainers team are also promoting their Warped Tour full of the latest musical artists. .

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