Vans Shoes – The Ultimate Festival Footwear

Vans at footasylum
Vans at footasylum Have a sound summer with Vans shoes that are the ultimate festival footwear. From gigs to quick getaways; Vans deliver on comfort and style when it comes to soulful, statement summer shoes.

Vans shoes have been synonymous with the festival scene for many years. Their colour and pattern combinations and robust shoe designs have made them the staple shoe of the summer season. Suitable for a variety of sports and outdoor activities, university students, gig-goers and extreme sports enthusiasts have all sought out Vans footwear to fit in with their active lifestyles. Already popular with skateboarders and BMX riders around the world, Vans bought controlling interest of the Vans Warped Tour; the leading action sports and music festival. With statement style, these comfortable kicks have become the footwear of choice at festivals, gigs and a whole host of other outdoor events.

Van-tastic Festivals of Fashion

Festivals are a haven for those who like to express their individuality and have a good time. Leeds Fest and Glasto are just two examples of festivals where fashion and footwear have begun to play a more important role. A culture of gig-goers and trend-setters has seen a fusion of music and fashion amongst these crowds. Alternative styles, clothing and footwear have become part and parcel of the festival experience as people enjoy making a statement in apparel that says something about them. Vans have become a prominent feature of festival fashion as their customised look and array of designs lets people express their own identity through statement footwear.

Comfort in Vans Footwear

Music lovers and party animals know that in order to have a great time, they need comfortable kicks to keep them on their feet until the early hours. Vans shoes are designed with thick soles and plush cushioning to offer superior support whether you are dancing or tearing up your decks. These life-proof Vans have tough canvas outers so that you can put your feet through their paces so that your shoes won’t wear out before you do.

Find Life Proof Footwear with Vans from Footasylum

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