Get Your Skating Sole with Vans Trainers

Vans at footasylum
Vans at footasylum Get your skating sole with Vans trainers that have a long history of skateboarding performance. From cushioned comfort the quality designs; their history of street cred speaks for itself.

Vans shoes began their journey in 1966 with a mission to revolutionise the shoe industry and the way they were sold. Paul Van Doren saw an opportunity to market custom-made shoes to the consumer by manufacturing bespoke Vans and selling them directly to the public. The early 70’s saw Vans become the skateboarding shoe of choice for both professionals and amateurs. Independent from the designs of other brands, their popularity skyrocketed with athletes, rock bands and everyday people of all ages.

Big Heart and Thick Soles

Paul Van Doren was never much one for marketing. Insisting on the highest quality materials, designs and custom footwear for the consumer; Vans became well-known for their superior shoes. As a relatively small company back in the day, Vans had to compete with major sports footwear companies and sought to stand out from the crowd from day one. Van Doren insisted on making the classic waffle soles twice as thick as the rival PF Flyer shoes. This move enabled them to create a skate shoe that offered superior cushioning and support. With stronger, more durable canvas than other makes on the market; their durable design helped establish their name as a quality brand. As a result, Vans became synonymous with the sport in California.

Chunky Kicks for Professional Tricks

The Van skating plimsole has been perfected over the years. By 1975 Vans had an established skater following and began making shoes to suit the wearers. Additional features were added or strengthened to aid skaters in their quest for the perfect trick and professional skaters soon snapped up pairs of Vans for themselves.

Waffle Grip – The classic waffle grip on Vans offers superior grip on a deck; adapting to the board as the skater moves or tilts into position.

Sturdy Canvas – Reinforced canvas stitched with nylon instead of cotton ensured the shoe stayed in shape for longer and offered a superior fit around the skater’s feet.

Leather Toe – To prevent the wear to the front of Vans shoes, a leather toe was inserted so that even if the material wore down, the shoe would still remain wearable.

Get Brighter than Life Vans from Footasylum

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