Go Vintage with Heritage Inspired Vans Shoes

Vans at footasylum
Vans at footasylum

You can add heritage style to your footwear collection with vintage-inspired Vans that offer a retro alternative to stand-out shoe designs with their bright colours and traditional looks with a modern twist.

The revival in retro fashion has remained prominent throughout the past year. Catwalk trends suggest these looks are set to continue; especially within the footwear sector. Innovative shoe brands like Vans have reinvented traditional vintage footwear and put their own stamp on these statement styles. Forever synonymous with a generation of skateboarders, rebels and the disaffected youth of the era; Vans came to represent a collective desire to be different. As a result, Vans have become one of the most popular footwear brands; appealing to people from all walks of life.

Vibrantly Vintage Vans: Shoes with More Soul

Vintage fashions are hot on the high street this season and Vans have embraced this fashionable restoration of retro designs. From classic deck shoes to vibrant plimsoles, Vans have reinvented vintage trends in their own way. Brands with an already well-established heritage are becoming increasingly popular as trend-setters seek shoes with a little more soul. Vans have been committed to delivering authentic performance boarding shoes that reflect individual style of riders since 1966 and their latest range of footwear is no exception.

Revive the Retro Look with Vans

There are a number of vintage-inspired Vans shoes that can offer the finishing touch to your retro look.

Low Profile Vans – For barely-there footwear, low profile Vans are the lightweight alternative to statement shoes. Reminiscent of a retro tennis shoe, their sleek design looks great with a pair of retro-inspired chinos.

Vans Deck Shoes – Popular in the 80’s, boat deck shoes were originally used by sailors but soon found their way into mainstream footwear fashion. Vans have put their own take on these retro shoes with their nautical style trainers that feature a rope trim and waffle sole.

Era Laceless Vans – The latest trend to hit the high street is laceless shoes. Inspired by the vintage trend of removing laces from plimsoles, Vans have created laceless Vans for a relaxed retro look.

Go Vintage with Vans from Footasylum

If you are looking vintage-inspired Vans to add to your retro look, you can find an extensive collection of the latest Vans designs at Footasylum. Our online selection of Vans shoes has a style and look to suit every trend. Browse our collection of Vans shoes online today.