Vans with Attitude

Vans at footasylum
Vans at footasylum
Vans is a brand that loves people who say what they think – which explains some of their artist collaborations.

A little attitude goes a long way, and most street wear brands are born with passion and edginess that sets them apart from the rest. Whether it’s sport related, music related or a bit of both, a brand like Vans likes to collaborate with artists who make a difference.

Vans Old and New

Vans works with bands, artists and designers who like to insert a bit of “bad boy” attitude into their work, whether it’s world-famous band Kiss, which has worked with Vans on collections before and has recently launched a Manga-based series with the footwear brand, or up-and-coming cult artists like Donny Miller. Vans’ collaborative designs for footwear, clothing and accessories are firmly rooted in the scenes they love – music, skating and alternative art. Working with designers and artists who express themselves using graffiti-style images, tattoo-based influences or darker inspirations makes each collaboration completely unique and really appealing to the Vans hardcore fans. In addition, each collaboration brings new people into the Vans family, whether it’s band followers, alternative art lovers or just people who like to do something a little different.

Vans Needn’t be Outrageous

The blend of great printed design and great shoe design is something that many brands aspire to, and which Vans seems to do naturally. The company’s appeal lies in its unwillingness to be a mainstream brand, but one that nevertheless sells thousands of pairs of trainers all over the world. When you’re next watching a skateboard or BMX competition, or even just down at your local park, check out the riders – many of them will be sporting Vans shoes, and they all have their favourite styles to wear for riding, and just for hanging out. Whether they’re the bold designs produced by the brand’s collaborations or the cool and subtle styling of the original shoes, there’s a pair of Vans for everyone.

Your Vans at Foot Asylum

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