Stay True to Your Roots with Vans Authentic Footwear

Vans at footasylum
Vans at footasylum
You can stay true to your roots with Vans Authentic footwear collection that still embodies the classic design of lace up Vans skateboarding shoes with a vintage vibe and die hard design.

Vans Authentic shoes are trusted by amateur and professional skateboarders. A brand with a remarkable heritage, Vans Authentic footwear has become synonymous with skateboarding style. Regarded as high quality shoes that deliver on durability, comfort and performance; Vans Authentic shoe embodies everything skaters look for in functional footwear. Designed specifically with the skater in mind, these classic shoes have not changed much since their conception in 1966. Smart, stylish and practical; it is no wonder that so many skaters are going back to their roots and choosing Vans Authentic shoes that have never let them down.

Get Vintage Vibes with Vans Authentic Shoes

Vintage and retro fashions have become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more and more people are realising the design quality of traditional styles. Not just for skateboarding, Vans Authentic shoes have become iconic footwear that is instantly recognisable. Vans have always sought to be different from the competition and their original designs were a world away from other shoes on the market at the time. Reflecting decades of skate culture and history in its vintage design; Vans Authentic footwear is a testament to the skateboarding legends that have trusted them time and time again to deliver on style and performance.

Vans Authentic: Die Hard Designs that Won’t Let You Down

Vans Authentic footwear was the first lace-up skate shoe featuring the signature Vans waffle bottom construction. The classic original vulcanized sole is at the heart of its die hard design. Skateboarders across the world trust the Vans Authentic soles to offer them superior grip and greater control on their boards. The canvas uppers are breathable and comfortable enough to continue skating for longer periods. With a range of colours, styles and designs to choose from; it is no wonder that Vans Authentic footwear appeals to trend setters and skateboarding legends the world over.

Vans Authentic Footwear from Footasylum

If you are looking for trendy and functional Vans Authentic footwear with a vintage vibe; you can find an array of the latest styles and designs at Footasylum. Our online selection of Vans Authentic shoes has something to suit every individual style. Browse our range of Vans Authentic shoes online today.