Vans Shoes – A Culture of Customisation

Vans at footasylum
Vans at footasylum Join the rebellion with Vans shoes that are based on a culture of customisation and self-expression; letting you wear shoes that are an extension of your own personality and style.

Since their debut in the 70’s, Vans have always been the shoes that were never afraid to stand out from the crowd. Their originality made them a huge hit amongst trend-setting youngsters. From skateboarders to band members, most people remember their pair of childhood Vans that had their own identity printed on them. Whether they filled them in with their ball point pen or wore mismatching laces; Vans shoes are the epitome of self-expression.

Van-Tastically Original: Customised Shoes

Van Doren’s original shoe store began with a vision for high quality shoes and extensive choice for the customer. Legend has it that the customisation of Vans began very early on with a woman that came into the store looking for a particular pink for her canvas shoes. Knowing that it would be ridiculous to put shoes into production in every shade of every colour, Van Doren sought to keep the customer happy by creating the exact pair she wanted. When Van Doren noticed fans of Vans were colouring in the white soles with a checkered pattern; he immediately put into production shoes with checkered soles and then checkered canvas.

Wear them Your Way with Vans Shoes

Having always been about self-expression and artistic flair; Vans are inviting fans to a nationwide contest. High school art students can create their own Vans shoe designs from plain canvas pairs. With 1,000 schools participating in the states, the winning school will receive $50,000 towards their art program. Avid custom-loving Vans fans need not despair; the top five schools have a chance to go to New York City for a museum show later in the year. Showing their dedication to creativity, Vans continue to inspire youth of today to be exactly what they want to be.

Become a Fan of Vans at Footasylum

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