Vans Footwear - Treads with the Edge

Vans at footasylum
Vans at footasylumYou can find treads with an edge when you purchase Vans footwear that is every bit as bold as you. From statement shoe designs to colourfully different kicks; finding fashion forward footwear has never been so easy.

Vans began their life in California back in the 70’s. Unwilling to compete with the big leagues of the sports shoe industry, Vans set about creating something unique and independent from anything that had been seen on the market before. This innovative ideology set them apart from other shoe companies and helped cement them as the original and iconic shoe brand they are today. With a wealth of edgy designs and personalised footwear ranges; a culture of customised footwear was born.

Vans Shoes: Footwear that was Made for You

Vans shoes began by creating custom-made shoes and continuing with their tradition of shoes with identity; today their footwear collection caters to every individual taste. Edgy designs stand out from the crowd just like individuals. For those that love to be original, statement Vans are the perfect shoes that say something about you. With a range of styles, colours and designs to choose from there are a pair of Vans that express your own individuality.

Make Your Moves in Vans Shoes

Synonymous with skaters and bikers, Vans shoes have developed a reputation for edgy footwear that is also functional. With thick soles, tough canvas and cushioned lining; these iconic shoes have become popular with people that like to live life to the extreme.

Skateboarding – Vans are the ultimate boarding shoe. Providing optimum support around the ankle and underfoot, they can help skaters push harder for longer. And with thick, reinforced canvas uppers, these shoes can withstand the knocks and scrapes of aspiring skaters.

BMX – Get the edge on your bike with Vans slip on shoes that stay firmly on your feet even if you don’t stay on your bike. With no laces, these light weight slip on Vans are safer for BMX riders that are tackling technically advanced moves.

Vans from Footasylum

If you are looking Vans footwear to give you the edge; you can find an array of the latest styles and designs at Footasylum. Our online selection of Vans shoes caters to every individual taste. Browse our collection of Vans shoes online today.